TrophyWarranty Coverage

At trophyWifeJewelry, we hold your peace of mind in the highest regard. Our jewelry masterpieces are meticulously crafted using up to six prongs to secure the precious stones, thereby guaranteeing their durability. Each product undergoes thorough inspection before shipment to guarantee top-notch quality and your satisfaction.

However, we understand that life is uncertain, and unforeseen circumstances may occur. For this reason, we take pleasure in providing a warranty option to alleviate any concerns and give you complete peace of mind.

    • TrophyWife Jewelry will exchange your item once per warranty period if your item loses one or more stones up to 180 days after purchase.
    • Warranty must be purchased at the time of ordering, or prior to the delivery
    • This warranty is applicable only on our lab-diamond and moissanite collections.